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Useful Camping Tech Devices

Camping is cool. Alone or with friends, you get to escape from the pressures of urban life and experience the wilderness, be it mountain, forest or lakeside camping. For better enjoyment, you might feel the urge to get rid of all your tech gadgets, phones, tablets and whatnot; but there are other gadgets that would make your experience more comfortable, and thus more enjoyable. Here is a list of those useful camping tech:

1- Camp Stove USB Charger


A camp stove is necessary in a camping trip. With one like the 3-pound BioLite, you can by gathering from your environment sticks, twigs and pinecones create an ecologically-friendly flame to cook on. What’s more is that the device makes use of the heat energy created and converts it into electricity that you can use to power up your other devices such as smartphones or lamps. The stove at full power can boil 1 liter of water in less than 5 minutes.

2- Portable Propane Coffeemaker

Camping is best when you wake up at crepuscular light and enjoy the scenery. For that, coffee might just come in handy. A portable 10-pound percolator with a 10-cup capacity can fill that purpose. Its propane cylinder can work out energy for more than 4 hours. It can then deliver coffee in about 18 minutes in any weather conditions.

3- Nitecore LED Flashlight


The Nitecore LED flashlight is tiny but incredibly powerful. So if you feel your old flashlight doesn’t put out enough light, you won’t be disappointed by the handheld LED Nitecore. Its 4 rays can create up to 4000 lumens of light. The power is adjustable, it can work at its highest power for an hour; and a thousand hours at its lowest. Very small, very light, but casts a very large aura.

4- 30-Day LED Lantern

If you’re planning to drag the camping trip for weeks, batteries, kerosene and other basic supplies will start running low. So a LED lamp that can illuminate for a month is surely a requirement. You can also adjust the power of light, lasting 32 hours at highest power and 30 days at lowest. It can also provide 15 days of SOS flashes for emergencies, not to mention the device is water and impact proof thanks to its rubber-overlaid plastic.

5- Adventurer Solar Charger

While hiking, taking breaks to breath and rest is usual. Why not then take it as an opportunity to plug your tech devices using a backpack-mounted solar charger. Very light, the power plant works with two solar panels that feed a powerful internal lithium battery that can output 3 watts of energy. Adaptors for the the different tech brands are included (Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia…), you can plug them into a 5-volt USB port.

6- Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Why not bring the music with you to the field trip to brighten your camp? Solar-powered music from a wireless portable Bluetooth boom box can last up to 8 hours non-stop at nights. At daylight, you can in addition plug your devices into the speaker’s USB port in order to charge them while listening to your favorite songs.

7- Lifesaver Filtration Bottle

What’s camping if you can’t make use of the natural resources at hand like water? For health prevention, you might want first to filter the water of bacteria, parasites and other pathogens with the Lifesaver filtration bottle. It can treat up to six thousands liters of water thanks to a replaceable carbon filter that comes with a failsafe technology that alerts you when the cartridge has expired.

8- Portable Mosquito Repeller

Mosquitos are the camping trip’s nemesis. The 5 inch-tall repellant can help you get rid of those wretched insects thanks to an internal fan circulating anti-bug aromas made of botonical oils and lemongrass, cinnamon, peppermint, and geranium. You insert to the 11-ounce device that runs on two AA batteries an oil cartridge that lasts 18 hours and covers a range of 15’x15’ area.

9- Self-inflating Sleeping Pad

Camping is not known for stellar sleep conditions but it is possible to get more comfortable by having an easily-inflatable 4-pound non-slip polyester mattress with an integrated pillow. Waterproof, the portable bed can protect you from wet grass and mud. Rolled, you can carry it in a 72 inches case.

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