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The Best Way To Stay Protected From The Sun: How To Choose The Best Sun Protection

It is summer time and you know what that means, more fun, more going out, more celebrating, more beach and more sun. Summer is the season where you go out with your buddies and just have the time of your life. Whether you like to chill in the beach, enjoy your time hiking in a mountain or just go for a family picnic in the park, you should absolutely think about all the things you can do to keep you and your loved ones well protected from the sun. As we all know, your skin is the number one organ exposed to all kinds of weather change, so keeping it safe and healthy should also be your number one concern, and since we are talking about summer, keeping your skin well protected from the sun is very important. After all you do not want to have sunburn or even skin cancer, and yes too much exposure to the sun can give you skin cancer, scared yet? If you are, then don’t worry too much, just keep your skin well protected and you have nothing to worry about. There are a lot of ways to keep your skin well protected, keep on reading to know exactly what you can do to stay healthy.

1- Sunscreen will keep your skin safe and healthy:

Some people love to have a tan and make the whole world knows that they’ve been to the beach. That’s really nice, but you need to keep your safety and health in mind while you are enjoying your tan. What you should know about sun’s ray, is that they split into two ultraviolet rays types, UVA and UVB. Both UVA and UVB are dangerous and damaging, but UVB rays are more harmful than UVA, they are the reason why you get sun burns and even skin cancer.

JASON Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen

You can keep your skin covered by having some clothes on and a hat, but for the other parts that are not covered with clothes, the best way to really make sure it is well protected is by having a sunscreen on at all time you are out and have a direct contact with the sun. You can use any sunscreen you have as long as it has a SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15.

Every sunscreen in the market is labeled with an SPF number. It can be SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50 (and even SPF 75 and SPF 100, but they are not that popular). The higher the number, the more time your skin will stay protected. Even though experts say that any number tha is above SPF30, won’t add you a lot of protection.

If your skin is sensitive and you burn easily, uhm let’s say in just 10 minutes, then you my friend need to apply your sunscreen every few hours. If you go for a SPF 15, then it will keep you protected for about 150 minutes, and then you should apply it again. The best way to let your skin absorb the sunscreen, is by applying it at least 20 minutes before you head out and get exposed to the sun. If you are not going to be in contact with the sun a lot during the day, then you can apply the sunscreen another couple of times and you are good to go. But if you are exposed to the sun all day long, then you better apply the sunscreen every two hours. Make sure to put a lot of lotion, after all it is your skin on line, and don’t forget your ears, neck and also the tops of your feet if you are wearing a sandal or flip-flops. Also pay extra attention to your face, since it is the most noticeable thing about you.

If you are not really obliged to go out, then you better avoid sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The sun at that time is really strong and really dangerous. But if you have to, or you are in the beach, then do your best to stay protected.

2- Keep your body well protected with UV-protective clothing:

Another way to help keeping you protected from the sun, is by having some UV-protective clothes. Your parents might have been nagging about wearing a tee while you are swimming, if that’s the case, then you better tell them that even that is not enough to stay safe from the sun. A dry cotton tee will give you a protection of about UPF 8, and a wet cotton tee will give you only protection of UPF 4. That’s not enough at all. PS: UPF means how much of UV (sun’s ultraviolet) radiation is absorbed by the fabric.

To keep the whole body well protected, better wear clothes that are made specifically to protect you from the sun, like o’neill sun protection shirts, or any sun protective clothing that has at least UPF 15.

I know that summer is the season where people love to get naked and wear as little clothes as possible, but keep in mind that long sleeves and pants will keep your skin safe, protected and healthy. Also better choose only light colors and try to avoid dark ones as much as possible as they attract sun rays more.

3- Protect your head and your face with a hat:

EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men/Women, Summer Outdoor Sun Protection

If you are not a queen, a king or a tennis player who has someone who holds a cute small sun umbrella for him, then you better act on your own and get a hat and protect yourself. A hat that has a four-inch brim will keep your head, face and also neck protected up to 70%, that’s not bad actually. But if you want to have a better protection, then you can get a hat with UPF 15 or more.

You can wear sun hats, baseball hats or even fashion vintage hats, whatever works for you. Just keep in mind that a hat is not enough and won’t cover all the head places. So make sure to put a sunscreen on your face, neck and ears.

4- Protect your eyes with some beautiful sunglasses:

SUNGAIT Ultra Lightweight Rectangular Polarized Sunglasses 100% UV protection

Sunglasses are for both fashion and protection. This is great because now you can choose a sunglass that you really love, and protection will come along. Just like your skin, too much sun exposure to the eyes can cause a lot of damages, such as cataracts, which is a disease you do not want. So if you don’t have sunglasses, it is the time to go and shop for one right now.

Don’t think low quality cheap dark sunglasses are good enough to keep your eyes protected from the sun, because they won’t. You need to invest in some really good quality sunglasses that have 100% UV protection or UV 400.

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