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8 Kitchen Gadgets You Probably Don’t Own

We all have in our kitchen the essentials. What we don’t all have are some very specific gadgets, sometimes designed for only one task, but are really great in fulfilling their purpose. Here is a list of 8 kitchen gadgets you possibly never heard of before, but can nonetheless prove pretty useful:

1- The Pineapple Corer:

Pineapples is one of the tastiest fruits but it is a hardship to prepare. The old-fashioned way is to slice it up with a knife but the pineapple corer renders the entire process a whole lot easier. In fact, within a minute the pineapple corer peels, cores, and slices the fruit. A huge time and effort saver that makes the gadget a must if you fancy ananas!

2- Dreamfarm Garject:

The Garject is a garlic press that eliminates the garlic’s skin, avoiding you the trouble of peeling. The Garject also dispenses you from scraping out the press. Garlic is a basic ingredient for numerous recipes, making the the Garject handy.

3-  Silicone Tipped Tongs:

The material, silicone, brings a total new advantage over other regular tongs you may own in your kitchen drawer. As a matter of fact, an item made of silicone does not rust, eliminating therefore the risk of contaminating your food with rust. In addition, silicone tipped tongs can double-task by using it to toss food into the pot as well as to stir sauce; the latter having the benefit over a regular spoon of eliminating the risk scratching the bottom of your pan.

4- Cookie Scoop:

I for one looooove cookies! Cookie scoops come in various sizes. The large one is a personal favorite not only because I have a special fondness for big large crispy cookies, but also because you can use it to scoop cupcake batter or anything else that scoops really and dishing up ice cream. Pretty darn amazing, no?

5- Collapsible Bench Scraper:

Bench scrapers have in countless times proven their usefulness. Not only, as their name suggest, do they scrape efficiently; but you can also use a bench scraper to stir a rather large batch of dough, if there’s a metal edge it can cut up the dough into pieces, not to mention it can work as a scooper too. Additionally, being collapsible enables the scooping and holding of more food and can also fold flat if need be so as not to take up too much space.

6- Dreamfarm Scizzas:

Dreamfarm Scizzas (a blend between scissors and pizza) can work as a common kitchen shear but with its spatula tip at the bottom blade it provides a protection for countertops, cutting boards, and acts as a support for the food you need to cut. The gadget won’t leave a scratch to your cookware and can withstand up to 400°F heat. You can also use the scizzas outside the kitchen to cut fabric for example. 

7- Cherry Pitter:

Manually pitting cherries is a very messy and hard thing to perform. A cherry pitter such as the OXO can greatly facilitate the task, it has a little splatter shield and a soft handle that will permit you with a minimal effort to pit all the cherries, emphasis on the all.

8- Dreamfarm Vebo:

Dreamfarm really does make interesting kitchen utensils. Another one is the silicone cooking basket Dreamfarm Vebo that can be used as a receptacle to boil, steam and strain vegetables. Its silicone material prevents boiling water from heating up the basket, making a bare hand lift safe. It’s also dishwasher safe so no worries in that department too.

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