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The best top 5 sofa styles you need in your living room


Couch, sofa whatever name you call it, it doesn't matter. What matters the most is the type of it and how it would look in your living room. There are so many types of sofas, this buying guide will give you an idea of the Top 5. 

  • Sleeper: At some point, we all used our bed as a sofa, or most likely our sofa as a bed. Either because we couldn't afford having both, or at some occasion we had a guest or just a friend crushing over and we didn't have a spare bed, or a guests bedroom. A fact we all know, is that a sofa isn't something you would opt for in case you need a good night sleep, therefore, it doesn't give the comfort we would like ourselves and guests to receive in the embrace of our home. This is where the sleeper sofas come to use, besides being easy to set up, they are quite comfortable for both sitting during day time, and sleeping during night, and they keep the casual cozy look of a normal guest room, for they are available both in leather and traditionally upholstered fabric.

  • Loveseat: Loveseat sofas are fashionable and modern. Normally they're designed for two people only, but more than two can fit in. There is a large selection of loveseat, you can find leather or vintage and also you can find different colors to match your decor. 

  • Chaise: Chaise sofas can be very comfortable. They have only one long cushion that sits at an angle from the rest of the couch, which can help you lie down at ease without being poked by edges of the cushions. 

  • The traditional three-seat sofa: The traditional three-seat sofa is the most popular kind of sofa. In fact it is a must in many peoples' living rooms. Three-seat sofas can differ by color or fabric, microfiber or leather for example. The design can also change depending on the manufacturer's style: the presence of high backs, removable cushions and some other things.

  • Sectional: Just as cool as a puzzle which  pieces you can replace however you want and still get a piece of art, so as the sectional sofas. They pretty much give you enough freedom to style your living room as it pleases you, either in a cozy and cuddly "L" shape for family and quality time with loved ones, or more separated sections around the room which is more suitable for having people over, a party or a warm conversation with a guest over tea.
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