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Spring Fashion Over 50 Never Been So Classy & Elegant

We can all agree that spring is all about beautiful bright colors. Everything around us is blooming, the sun is shining, flowers are getting brighter, trees are getting greener, we can say that nature is our inspiration during spring. Spring fashion is the same as nature, it’s all about having some colorful outfits that will make you stand out in any crowd. Here are few ideas to show you how to be shiny and glamorous during spring. This is spring fashion over 50.

1- Nothing says “Spring” better than a great green top

Green has many different shades, the darker ones might be great for cold seasons, but the bright ones, is all about spring. You can get a kelly green knit top that is not too short or too long, with some fine jeans that are not too tight, nor too large. You can accessorise with a scarf, you may choose some animal print to bring your inner wild. Match that with some beautiful animal print snickers. If you want a less casual look, but almost the same outfit, then you can keep the top, go for a white infinity scarf and a white cropped pants. And instead of snickers, go for flats. You may add some earrings, some cute bracelet and glasses.

2- White top and colorful accessories

Any white blouse will do just fine. It is practical, beautiful and elegant. It can be worn for a casual occasions, or even business ones. Since you are wearing a basic color, which is white, then the best idea would be to add some few colors to make your outfit more vibrant. Go for a dark bleu jeans, a colorful scarf, you can choose whatever scarf you have, as long as it matches your espadrilles. Go for brown glasses and some jewelry that goes with the colors of the scarf.

Viishow Women’s Loose Casual Short Sleeve Chiffon Top T-Shirt Blouse

3- Yellow top and beaded jewelry

Yellow is one of my favorite colors for spring, it is beautiful and full of life, which is great because that’s exactly what we want your outfit to be. A yellow V neck top, a boatneck yellow top, or a square neckline top, they would all look beautiful on you, and of course they would give you enough skin space to cover with some bold beaded jewelry. You can wear any jeans with the yellow top. You might also wear a black or white pants. You can wear flats or snickers. But if you want to get a little bit fancy, you might as well just wear heels.

4- Bright coral top

Just like yellow and green, coral is also a great color for spring. You can wear a simple coral top, or you can get more sophisticated and choose a long coral sweater with some beige stripes. Wear it with white cropped pants and some classy metallic wedges. You can choose some turquoise beaded jewelry, or go for an elegant long necklace.

5- An elegant skirt and a classy blouse

Urban CoCo Women’s Basic Versatile Stretchy Flared Casual Mini Skater Skirt

You can wear a white blouse with a long red skirt ( not too long, just long enough to cover your knees). With a small black purse, and black heels. You can add a scarf if you want to, if not then it’s fine the outfit is already amazing on its own. Get more fancy and add some earrings, bracelets and rings. This outfit with be amazing for an evening out.

6- Colorful top, dark jeans and an outstanding booties

For a fun evening out, such as a concert or a ball game, choose something easy to move in with, something elegant but not too elegant, something that makes you feel alive, and of course something that makes you feel pretty. The safest choice here is to go for dark jeans, any colorful top you might have, it could be sleeveless, but won’t show too much skin. Then choose some booties. You can go for animal print, or bold booties that you like.

7- Shine with some accessories

Scarves, glasses, jewelry, or even an elegant hat, are all great to accessorize with. Accessorizing your outfit will make it look much more beautiful and alluring. So don’t be afraid to get small things, after all, it is all about details.

ZHEPIN Vintage Tree of Life Wire Wrapped Copper Teardrop Natural

Just because you are 50 doesn’t mean you have look boring and not fashionable. On the contrary, age is just a number, you should take care of yourself and your wardrobe the same way you did wen you were in your 20s. Get colorful, fashionable and elegant. You deserve it.
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