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Top 3 Best Paper Cutter Types for the Office

While at the office you do not want to spend a lot of time doing things like cutting papers. Here where a paper cutter (for paper trimmers whatever you like to call it) comes really handy. Paper cutters will save you a much needed time, they cut large amount of papers really fast, and give you great results. Your papers will look professional for display or distribution due to the precise and symmetric cutting. Before actually buying a paper trimmer, you need to know how you plan to use these tools. There are lots of different types of paper cutters, and each one is constructed with different purposes in mind. This buying guide will help you choose the one for you.

1- Electric paper cutters:

If you want to save lot of your time and cut a large amount of paper every single day, then you must get an electric paper cutter. They are durable and precise, they are designed with a lot of power to hold paper down and trim it where required to be done, which will allow you to cut approximately three inches of paper in a professional way. You can find standard electric paper cutters or fully automatic electric paper trimmers. For a standard electric paper cutters you need to manually adjust it before powering on. Fully automatic electric paper trimmers on the other hand, will do all the work for you, allowing you to input paper-cutting measurements via a keyboard.

Tengchang Heavy Duty 480mm

2- Economy paper cutters:

Economy paper cutters or if you like to call them, guillotine paper cutters, are usually the common type. This style of paper cutting system is perfect for home, office, or business use. They are lightweight and easy to transport, and also designed with measuring base, usually in wood, and a metal arm with a blade that lifts and chops down on the paper. It can cut (depending on how thick are the sheets) between 5 to 10 sheets of paper at once with a straight edge. The guillotine paper cutter will be a great use for infrequent paper or photo trimming. To prevent the trimmer blade from dropping down during use, make sure to get a wood or a particleboard base that features a safety latch.

VViViD Guillotine Style 11.5″ Bladeless Arm

3- Arm paper cutters:

The arm paper cutter are more or less the same as an economy paper cutter, the there are some few differences,. Arm paper cutters are way much stronger and designed to withstand the stresses of demanding use. They can cut more papers, up to 50 sheets of paper at once. This type of paper cutters will be handy and very useful in the office, especially if you cut a large amount of paper in a daily basis. For a swift and precise cut, you may ant to check for models that have blades on the arm as well as the board. Also to prevent the arm from moving when not in use, look for paper trimmer specifications for safety guards.
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