Takamine G Series Integrated Bridge Pickup Saddle / LOW or HIGH Profile OEM part

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Shi pping time: AddictedToToneInc ships very quickly, usually the same day an order was placed excluding weekends, USPS holidays, inclement weather events that adversely affect road conditions and orders received after 3:00pm EST. Items are inspected, tested and well packaged by me personally after the item is handed over to the shipping agency delivery is out of my control. AddictedToToneInc has changed its handling time from same day to 5 days to reflect the possibility of a shipping delay after the item has been shipped. Thank you for understanding, your order will be appreciated; well packaged and dispatched very quickly. As a gigging and touring guitarist I understand how important these items are! William “Bill” Sutherland / AddictedToToneInc  AddictedToToneInc places 35+ Years of Takamine Repair and Sales experience behind every shipment! Please take the time to read the entire listing, the information it contains can answer many questions you may have; if you are still unsure about a detail please contact me; I will help you! William “Bill” Sutherland / AddictedToToneInc Genuine Takamine OEM Part Integrated Saddle Insert for G Series pickup system LOW or HIGH Profile Integrated Compensated Saddle Insert Photographic and written work presented in this ad are property of AddictedToToneInc.  Any portion of its use without permission is copyright infringement / stealing and will be reported to Pricetronic as a violation of Pricetronic posting regulations. This listing is for ONE (1) LOW or HIGH Profile STRAIGHT Integrated STEEL String Saddle Insert The LOW profile saddle will be sent unless you include a note that the HIGH profile saddle is preferred. The HIGH profile saddle is useful for guitars that require extra shims to raise the string action to the desired height. Saddle measurements are shown in the photographs. If you have a Takamine classical / nylon string guitar with factory installed electronics this is not the correct integrated saddle for your instrument. ~ Please read the item description carefully and look at the photographs as they are part of the description. Other items shown in photographs are for display purposes only and are not included in the sale. ~ The Takamine integrated saddle is designed exclusively for Takamine G Series instruments that feature a STRAIGHT Saddle and have factory installed electronics. If your guitar does not have electronics this is not the right saddle for you. ~ The integrated saddle is compensated so intonation is maintained up and down the fretboard. ~ The Takamine integrated saddle is designed exclusively for Takamine G Series instruments that have factory installed electronics. ~ Other saddle components are available from AddictedToToneInc ~ The material used for Takamine G Series guitar saddles is ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Plastic. The colour of the raw material used to make ABS is translucent ivory to white. The most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance and toughness. Stability under load is excellent with limited loads. A set of Bronze wound acoustic guitar strings can vary between 130 – 215 lbs of tension depending on the gauge and other factors of the string so ABS is a good choice of material for the moderately priced G Series instrument. Even though ABS plastics are used largely for mechanical purposes they also have electrical properties that are fairly constant over a wide range of frequencies, again making it a good choice for a cost effective acoustic guitar saddle. Pro Series Takamine guitars feature bone saddles. ~ Please check out my AddictedToToneInc Pricetronic store for other unusual hard to find and custom made items! ~ Sometimes in this fast paced electronics driven world we lose touch with the “humanity” that is represented by all of the internet listings, fax and e-mail numbers. I am a real person; I am not just a number. I welcome your questions and speaking with you personally. Tonefully – William "Bill" Sutherland  /  AddictedToToneInc. ~ As a consumer I understand the desire to save a couple dollars whenever possible, this listing provides First Class Mail shipping in a padded “bubble” envelope. I package items VERY well and ship very promptly! ~ RETURNS & SHIPPING AddictedToToneInc does not accept returns. The item listed in this ad is designed to improve the tone of your Takamine guitar or for replacing a defective component. I can help you diagnose the problem with your Takamine system. Please contact me before you order an item you do not actually need. AddictedToToneInc does not accept returns because of a third parties ineptitude, specifically “repair technicians” that do not know how to properly diagnose defects of the individual components used in the Takamine electronic system. AddictedToToneInc checks each component for defect when the new product is received from Takamine and verifies its working condition once again before it is shipped. ~ If its new, why is it tested? I am asked this every once in awhile and in a world where internet sales are largely automated and there is no human interaction it is a very reasonable question to ask! The item you are purchasing is inspected and tested before they are shipped to make absolutely sure everything is working 100% Time is taken to check the new Preamps when they arrive from Takamine and then pass through a more thorough audio and electronics test before being packaged and shipped. Non electronic parts like Tuners, Nuts, Saddles are careful inspected and tested; any part that requires assembly is assembled. Many stores do not possess a working knowledge of the Takamine equipment they are selling and simply send merchandise without examining the item being sold. As a guitarist, artist and former touring musician I understand how important this equipment is to the individual purchasing it; most of my customers are casual players but for some of my clients the part is needed for work and making a livelihood so an extended downtime makes for some potentially hungry days! My endeavors are not approached as a mere "numbers game" or how many boxes of product I can move, for me it is much more personal, most of my clients work very hard for their money; I appreciate and respect the fact they have chosen me to do business with. Takamine does a fabulous job with their electronics and there are very few incidents of manufacturer defect; very, very few incidents but it does happen. It is much easier for me to check the product for the customer before it is sent rather than wasting time discovering a defective part after it has shipped; this is how I have always operated; it takes more of a commitment but my clients appreciate it – they know they can trust me to do the job right! The testing process was originally started for the sake of my over-seas patrons but I quickly realized the value of it for all my clients! Maybe I am just "old school" but this is the way I feel it should be done. I have designed, created and employ special testing equipment for the Takamine preamps because it is your reputation as well as mine is at stake when you walk on stage! AddictedToToneInc hosts a special Facebook page that specializes in the science and use of the Takamine technology exclusively for our Takamine clients. Thank you, William “Bill” Sutherland / AddictedToToneInc ~ Addresses outside the United States will be responsible for shipping fees to be calculated specifically for individuals delivery address. The shipping fee does not include any tariff, import duty, value added tax or other fee charged to an imported good by a sovereign entity. If you are having your item delivered to a temporary living address: Hotel, Motel, Day Suite etc. remember to notify the front desk receiving personnel of the expected delivery. Make sure the name listed on the package is also attached to the establishments guest registry. If the recipients name on the package does not match a name in the guest registry there is no way for the establishment to know who the delivery is meant for. Addicted To Tone Inc will only ship to an Pricetronic approved address. Make sure the address you have given Pricetronic as your shipment destination is correct and contains no mistakes. Changes to a shipping address or the recipients name cannot be made after an item has been purchased. Providing the proper shipping information is the responsibility of the purchaser. I ship very quickly, after the package has been processed changes to the shipment cannot be made.

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