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Polaroid SX-70 37mm Adapter | SX-37 About the SX-37: The SX-37 is an adapter that gives you the ability to choose from a wide selection of lenses and filters which,...
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Polaroid SX-70 37mm Adapter | SX-37 About the SX-37: The SX-37 is an adapter that gives you the ability to choose from a wide selection of lenses and filters which, until now, only used to be available for digital film cameras. It uses the standard and widely established 37mm screw mount that offers an abundant supply of high-quality options which used to only be available for digital and transparency film cameras . Unlike attachments from other adapters that rely on a short list of proprietary lenses and filters, the SX-37 doesn’t have such limitations, even giving you the ability to stack filters for multiple effects! The build quality of the adapter is made to last. The frame is made from a durable PETG plastic with full metal threads for longevity. The metal thread insert is heat fused into the PETG body for greater strength over the option of gluing. This is all to ensure a strong and lasting bond. Just snap it onto the front face of your SX-70/SLR camera and attach your choice of filter or lens. View sample photos, share your photos and keep up with new designs by following me on Instagram: @retrograde_engineer Compatibility:
  • Polaroid SX-70 (All models)
  • Polaroid SLR680
  • Filters and lenses made in the 37mm size include:
  • Telephoto Lenses
  • Wide Angle Lenses
  • Macro Lenses
  • Color/Gradient Filters
  • Special Effects Optics (Kaleidoscope etc.)
  • CPL/Polarising Filters
  • Star Filter
  • The SX-37 can also accommodate step up rings from up to 46mm (see notes and Compatibility Chart). Buying Options: Each lens option is sold separately. To purchase a lens of your choice with your SX-37, select “Lenses” from the Options drop down menu, then select the lens of your choice from the Color/Lens Kit drop down menu, then add to cart. Orders takes about a week or more to complete, as I make each adapter to order. Adapter and lenses are sold separately. Adapter Only: You will only receive the adapter which allows you to use 37mm threaded lenses and filters. Select a color: either Black or Silver threads. Lenses: Add each lens you want to purchase to your cart in addition to the SX-37 Adapter. If you purchase just a lens alone, you will receive only the lenses you selected (no adapter included). Macro Lenses: Four high quality macro lenses in 1x, 2x, 4x, and 10x magnification that comes with a convenient carrying pouch. These can be stacked to increase the magnification significantly however it’s recommended to use a tripod mount and (maybe) a shutter cable release for the larger magnifications to reduce potential camera shake. Photo by haroldgrahambutchart Color Filter Lenses:
    This kit comes with six filters: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange and FLD (Pink). These filters can be combined with other optics to combine effects. Color filters can also affect the contrast of Black and White photos to create a more dramatic image. Note that these color filters will require about one more stop of light to achieve equal exposure to a regular photo in the same lighting.                                         Red Filter                                                                                              FLD Filter                                                                 Yellow Filter Multi Image Lenses: This kit comes with two multi-image filters, 3R and 3P and a pouch for each. Each lens can be used to split a single image into a pattern. The 3R filter has 3 triangles in the form of a Y, creating a kaleidoscope effect and the 3R filter has 3 distinct parallel sections that resemble |||. You can turn the lenses to change the orientation of the prisms. You can also stack the filters to combine the effects of both, as well as use them with other filters/lenses. Sample photos: https://imgur.com/a/25Tu3bR 17x Magnification, photo by polaroidchicago 4x Magnification, photo by aim.shoot.develop Reviews, Lens Compatibility, Contact and Additional Information: For a Demonstration on . Review by Aim Shoot Develop on . Lens compatibility chart here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g8WkfmEYT0lbzysEry1G2rs3yta4cSFWKS0wLzj94Ng/edit . My Instagram page for sample photos and more information @retrograde_engineer . Advice:
  • Do not use slim/low-profile fisheye lens attachments.
  • I would recommend using only flat optics (color filters/macro lenses, not telephoto ect.) when using step up rings.
  • 37mm ND filters do not cover the light meter, only the lens. You will need to cover the light meter with a second ND filter of equal magnitude to get correct exposure.
  • Not all telephoto/wide-angle lenses are compatible, some have a face wider than what will fit. The maximum use of a 48mm outer diameter lens will apply a small pressure on the film door however it will not have any negative effect on the camera or its function.
  • Some lenses may result in vignetting (present in most Telephoto and Fisheye lenses) or chromatic aberration (present in most Wide Angle lenses).
  • The goal of the SX-37 is to open up a new world of diverse, easily accessible and affordable optics for the SX-70, which was limited for much of the camera's nearly 50 year history. Additional Note: It is impossible for me to personally test every single 37mm lens attachment/filter on the market. However, I have tested examples of the many common ones, showcased in the listing photos. Some Telephoto and Wide-angle lens attachments are too wide for the SX-37. The maximum acceptable outer diameter of the face of the lens body is 48mm, which is the size of many Telephoto and Wide-angle lens attachments. Please feel free to ask me any questions about compatibility! If you are not satisfied with the SX-37, you can return it free of charge. Lenses/filters not included (unless you purchase the kit). Collecting information about how these lenses behave is still a work in progress, feel free to browse the Lens Compatibility Chart for more in-depth info from myself and the community. Contact: Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions :) International Buyers: If you need your SX-37 sooner, send me a message and I can arrange a quicker shipping method. Looking for a repaired SX-70?
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