N2 The Wild Gear Lanyards Marsupial Bino Harness Specific "LANYARDS" (3 colors) / Size & Color Medium SUBALPINE

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N2 THE WILD GEAR LANYARDS Trust Your Gear to N 2 The Wild Gear Lanyards. Nothing In The Industry Compares. All Lanyards Sold Separately. Made in the U S A....
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N2 THE WILD GEAR LANYARDS Trust Your Gear to N 2 The Wild Gear Lanyards. Nothing In The Industry Compares. All Lanyards Sold Separately. Made in the U S A. This Listing Is For: N2 The Wild Gear Lanyards Breakaway Series Lanyards   specifically manufactured (in color, size & design) for the Marsupial Gear line of bino harnesses. Listing Color : Coyote, Subalpine & Ranger Camo (Choose color & size option when you add to cart) Size: Small & Med (see size in the photo section "a photo is worth a thousand words".) All lanyards are sold  separately NOT in pairs. If you want 1 small & 1 medium then put one of each in your cart. If you want 4 mediums put 4 medium in your cart. Our recommendations are not written in stone although we have done the homework and a small works great with the binos, a medium with rangefinders. Our proprietary tooling, materials & build process allows us to build a strong, light, small, tightly wound, quiet lanyard with apposing ends that will not loose its retractability over time. We use only the best quality USA sourced materials. Check our N2 The Wild Gear Lanyards store for our other listings, lanyard models & colors. We are a small direct to consumer business. Get your lanyards before the busy hunting & fishing seasons approach. W e build in batches so get your colors and size options while supplies last. If you have any questions about which lanyard (size, color or style) please don't hesitate to contact us. N2 THE WILD GEAR LANYARDS. THE STORY N 2 The Wild Gear Lanyards was established 2 fill a void: 2 provide a supreme quality lanyard solution 2 the outdoor community.  In my own personal quest throughout 40+ years of outdoor experiences I have lost enough gear, have tried just about every possible makeshift solution 2 secure basic items such as radios, GPS's, compass, range finders, water bottles, binos & more with no real perfect solution. I don't know if there is a perfect solution but it's what drives me as an avid hunter & outdoorsman 2 create a supreme quality option for what I consider a necessity. Backpacking, hiking, hunting, military, camping, ATV riding, fishing, snowboarding and rock climbing have all been a part of my life over the past 40+ years. Living in the northwest has spoiled me and allowed me a test bed for what really works. Many times it's the most ordinary products that make the biggest impact on our daily lives. At N2 The Wild Gear Lanyards we believe that by offering the best of the best in even the simplest products, focus on quality over quantity and bring a direct to consumer business model to keep pricing down we can make a big difference in the lives of our customers. Whether you are an avid hunter & outdoorsman like myself, military, first responder or need a solution for your every day life, work, job site or play I think you will find a gear lanyard from N2 The Wild Gear Lanyards that will fit your needs. Our goal here at N2 The Wild Gear Lanyards is to bring a unique, direct to consumer product to the customer at a humble price point. No big box stores or middle man/3rd party mark up. No fancy packaging or retail costs past on to the consumer, just supreme quality products & service. We are a unique 100% hands on, manufacturing, testing, shipping, customer service & quality control company. Every item is manufactured in-house. est. 2018

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