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MiNi Digital Invisible Hearing Aids CIC Small Sound Voice Amplifier Enhancer US. ITEM DESCRIPTION SHIP FROM USA, FREE SHIPPING. Features: ● Reduce noise, provides good sound quality. ● Anti-shock &...
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MiNi Digital Invisible Hearing Aids CIC Small Sound Voice Amplifier Enhancer US. ITEM DESCRIPTION SHIP FROM USA, FREE SHIPPING. Features: ● Reduce noise, provides good sound quality. ● Anti-shock & anti-drop, user-friendly design. ● Small in size, light in weight. ● Comfortable to wear. Convenient to carry. ● Simple to use, invisibility design. ● Very flexible and durable. ● Help you hear the sound clearly and loudly. ● Suitable for patients with mild to extremely severe hearing loss. NOTE: ● Battery SIZE: A10 ● Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing, Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound. ● Keep the ear plug clean. ● Do not wear on swimming or rainy days. ● Remove the battery if you don't use it for long time. ● Choose the correct size to use and make it comfortable to avoid whistler. ● You can use the cleaning brush to clear it. Cleaning brush tool is coming with a little tiny hoop at the end of it looks like at the end of the paper clip to use to adjust the volume, works like a flat blade screwdriver. ●This product is suitable for patients with moderate deafness (60-90 dB), no otitis media, enhanced face to face communication. Try it out now! Each hearing aid requires a semi-finished electrical test, a finished electrical test, a manual hearing test,and finally a quality control program such as quality inspection and sampling inspection. Also, if you have a high demand for sound, after all, the machine magnifies the sound and the surrounding noise is alsoenlarged. If there is a whistling problem, please use your fingers to block the sound outlet. If there is no noise in the sound outlet, it is necessary to select the appropriate earplug to block the ear canal. Dear friend, please note that these hearing aids can only work on patients with mild hearing disorder. For those who  have serious hearing impairments, we highly recommend you to consult your physician before purchase. Thanks for your understanding, and we wish you all the best ● What's in the box: 1x hearing amplifier 1x cleaning brush tool 1x plastic case 3x earplugs 2xBattery Please note: When your battery runs out and the hearing aid is not working, you need to buy a hearing aid-specific A10 battery instead of the normal A10 battery. The normal A10 battery may make the hearing aid work shorter. According to the FDA, it is in your best health interest to obtain a professional medical evaluation before purchasing a hearing aid and you are encouraged to do so before bidding on this item. If you choose to not obtain a medical evaluation before purchasing this item, I am required by law to provide to you and obtain from you a signed written waiver of the medical evaluation, and I am required to provide to you a copy of the User Instruction Brochure for a hearing aid, review the contents of that brochure with you, and afford you time to read the brochure. You must provide to me either a signed statement from a physician or a signed waiver before I will deliver this item to you. Upon your request, I will also provide to you a copy of the User Instructional Brochure for the hearing aid or the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor from whom a User Instructional Brochure for the hearing aid can be obtained. The only payment method we accept so far is PayPal . If this brought up any inconvenience to you, please accept our apology. Any other question is welcome to ask through our excellent customer service. The return policy is straightforward. 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