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Honda EU1000i - Honda EU2000i - Dual Generator Extended Run Fuel Tank System Genuine Moeller Ultra 6 Gallon Extended Run Fuel Tank System, Made in Sparta, Tennessee.  Moeller includes a Two Year...
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Honda EU1000i - Honda EU2000i - Dual Generator Extended Run Fuel Tank System Genuine Moeller Ultra 6 Gallon Extended Run Fuel Tank System, Made in Sparta, Tennessee.  Moeller includes a Two Year Factory Warranty!!! The Last Photo Shown Above, Is An Attwood 6 Gallon Fuel Tank, That Has A One Year Warranty.  The Photo Illustrates Severe UV Damage, And What You Really Get With Attwood.  Is It Worth A Few Dollars More To Go With Moeller Ultra 6 Tank, With A Two Year Warranty And Superior UV Protection???  We Think So... This Company Is Operated By A 100% Disabled US Marine Corps, Combat Engineer Veteran. Our Systems Include A Free One Year Warranty!!! No other Seller here on Pricetronic does that... I'm the original inventor and designer of this Honda Extended Dual Run System, that eliminates priming issues, by using "Separate Fuel Lines, with Premium Moeller Honda Fuel Connectors on both ends.  We manufacture all of our own CNC machined aluminum fuel caps, oil fill tubes, magnetic dipsticks, etc.  I've been doing this here on Pricetronic since 2004 and have never had a negative feedback.  If you see other Pricetronic Sellers, claiming this research and development to be their own, they are making untruthful statements, as I am the inventor of this product and currently have a U.S. Patent Pending. THIS LISTING DOES NOT INCLUDE THE HONDA GENERATOR PICTURED... Please, if you think you this listing includes the Honda Generator, do not purchase. We do not sell Honda Generators!!! This Seller has absolutely no affiliation with American Honda Motor Company, Inc. This Extended Run System will run "your" Honda EU1000i - EU2000i - Including Companion Series Generators up to 30 hours under a full load, or as much as 80 plus hours at 1/4 load!!!   This system is not compatible with Honda EU3000i Series Generators SAFTEY FACTOR, NEVER POUR GAS INTO A HOT GENERATOR AGAIN!!! JUST SIMPLY TOP OFF THE MOELLER Ultra 6 GALLON SUPPLY TANK FROM TIME TO TIME, AT A SAFE DISTANCE, AS ADDITIONAL FUEL IS REQUIRED!!! We use only Premium Honda Marine Fuel Connectors... We do not sell Pneumatic Connectors, and pass them off as Fuel Connectors!!! Other Pricetronic Sellers may risk your safety by selling Pneumatic Connectors that are designed for air tools, and certainly not rated, not recommended, or safe for gasoline products!!!  We never sell Automotive Fuel Line, as it will degrade and crack rapidly in direct sunlight.  If it has an SAE 30 R6 Rating, it's Automotive.  It should have a STG-USCG Type B-1-15-SAE Rating. Be Safe, ask before you buy... This extended run system includes a New Genuine Moeller Ultra 6 Gallon Fuel Tank, and Five Honda Fuel Connectors.  There are none better, as they are solid brass, proven to provided years and years of great service.   The idea behind using Five Honda Fuel Connectors and the "Brass Tee or Y", is that when you shut down one of your Honda EU2000i Generators, simply disconnect that 48" fuel line at the Brass Tee".  Fuel will remain trapped in that fuel line until you decide to restart that generator.  Just reattach the Honda Fuel Connector at the "Brass Tee" and fuel is already available to that generator!!!  No more having to deal with air in your fuel lines and trouble sustaining fuel flow with dual run systems!!!  We provided the 5th Fuel Connector at the Moeller Fuel Tank, so you can just disconnect the entire system, and not be dragging two umbilical cords with you to the service station!!!  No other system provides this technology or superior quality components and warranty, Nobody!!! High strength, blow molded construction using high density, high molecular weight polyethylene. Formulated protection against ultraviolet exposure and aging. Helps prevent fading and keeps plastic pliable for much longer life, compared to lessor quality "After Market" tanks, especially tanks like Attwood and Imported Tanks, that turn white with age and UV exposure. This system includes two 4' lines of 2016 Mercury 5/16" EPA Approved "Premium Fuel Line" with a Genuine Marine Rated Fuel Connector from Honda, that prevents vapors or fuel from escaping from the fuel line, when detached from the generator.  This Honda Fuel Connector has successfully endured field trials in Western Colorado in excess of -20 degrees F. without failure.  We have systems currently in use as far north as North Pole Alaska and on many of the Worlds finest sailing yachts.  They trust us, we hope you will too. This system also includes two of our American made, CNC machined, from a solid piece of High Quality 6061 T6 Aluminum, Fuel Caps with a Honda Marine Rated "Valved" Fuel Plug Connectors, so that you can disconnect your fuel line from your generator . This improves the ease of attaching or removing the fuel cap from your generator. The quality Marine solid brass, plated fitting, also prevents vapors or fuel from escaping from the generator and may be used when the fuel line is disconnected from the generator.  This is another safety feature offered here on every system, as all of our fuel connectors are "double valved" and won't leak any fuel, or fuel vapors. Notice that the precision CNC machined diamond knurling pattern on the Honda Marine Fuel Connector matches the same precision CNC knurling on the generator fuel cap!!! The lowest priced "Honda Generator Extended Run Fuel Systems" offered here on Pricetronic, use the cheapest quality parts possible. So, I decided to go the other direction by offering the highest premium quality parts available. I felt that I really wanted to provide a system that was safe and will provide years of great reliable service, by using genuine Honda & Mercury parts, rather than "after market" parts, because they are the very best!!!  Even our "Tee Fitting" is solid brass, not plastic, like other systems... This genuine Mercury fuel line is really tough stuff...It won't kink, crack, or disappoint, and will last and last, season after season.  The fuel line described here, is current EPA Compliant, and designed to be exposed to the elements.  It's very UV resistant and will not break down and crack like automotive fuel lines will, as the are not designed for outdoor use, and harsh environments. Please examine the photos, read my 100% positive feedback since 2004 and judge for yourself...I've been building these for many years, and the only recent change on all of our designs, are the stainless steel bands from Oetiker Company, who now provides all of the stainless clamps for Mercury Marine, Quick Silver, and Honda Marine fuel lines. Shipping Destinations We ship to all 50 United States and PR

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