3.5 mm Audio Switch Box by 4minds

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Brand: 4minds
3.5 mm Audio Switch Box by 4minds | 2 Ports Stereo Manual Splitter Box AUX Audio selector | ​Computer Speakers Headphones Jack Passive Switches 1/8 in | 2(1) IN...
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Brand: 4minds
3.5 mm Audio Switch Box by 4minds | 2 Ports Stereo Manual Splitter Box AUX Audio selector | ​Computer Speakers Headphones Jack Passive Switches 1/8 in | 2(1) IN - 1(2) OUT + Bonus 15 in (38cm) cable

Are you tired to plug and unplug, day by day, the audio cables from your computer or laptop to listen to your favorite music in your speakers or headphone? Here it is.
It took us more than 23 months "destroying" and clicking on more than 11 different prototypes to design it.
We really hope you will enjoy using our Audio Switch Box as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Are you sick of all the plastic around us? Don't you think there are too many things made of plastic in our daily life? We can agree on that! That's why we created this box from natural beech wood. Our PCB components are lead-free.

Each box is unique and handcrafted so you'll never find 2 identical. However, they are carefully engineered to ensure that each of them meets our technical criteria of quality, size, and functionality.

Works with any device equipped with a standard 3.5mm audio jack or AUX-in port.

- Dimensions: 1.8x1.8x1.1 inch (45x45x27 mm)
- Weight: 1.7 Ounce (50 Gram)


Our Audio Switcher gets improved – no more stuck button. After remodeling the button, to take into account the shrinking of the wood, and applying much more love in the assembly process, the button slides now seamlessly in its place.

Since September 2019, the updated and improved version it’s available on the market.

We're trying to make sure that all of our customers are happy and that's why we will take responsibility for any inconvenience. Just drop us an email: hello at 4minds dot co. Anytime. With will be more than happy to assist you.

  • A WONDERFUL SMALL AUDIO SWITCH BOX to easily select between speakers and headset to listen privately or answer calls; designed with a simple button to switch between several audio sources/input and output - 2 OUT - 1 IN or 2 IN - 1 Out
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Just plug it in and push the button - No power needed, No software to install, No setup, Won't affect sound quality, Passive device selector. Forget about unplugging your speakers or headphone each time you want to switch the sound device, just press one button
  • NATURAL MATERIALS - Our box is made from natural beech wood with trustworthy lead-free components; Stylish and Ergonomic - a simple ABC audio switcher with a MINIMALISTIC and ELEGANT design, featuring a Big Comfortable easy to push button. This audio splitter box is Specially Designed to fit perfectly in any environment, be it your office or home. Originally packed in an EXCLUSIVE BOX, it’s perfect as a GIFT. Surprise your audiophile friend with an elegant, genuine and exclusive gift
  • HOW IT WORKS: 1 - Plug any audio input sources (devices like Computer, PC, Notebook, Mobile Phone, CD player, Tablet) in jack A and switch between the two audio Output devices B or C (Speakers, Headphone, Soundbar, Earphone, Headset) with one simple push of the button; 2 - Select the audio input source B or C to be played in the audio output device A with the same push of the button
  • ORDER NOW WITH NO RISK - Buy smart from 4minds for your 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. We, 4minds, manufacture only high-quality products. If you’re not satisfied with your audio control switch - we will replace it and/or you will receive 100% of your MONEY BACK - No question asked!
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